Strauss Ministry

A Reader's Guide to Discipleship Series-

Unique outlines for meditation and study

all materials copyright Glenn Strauss

may be used with acknowledgement of source

  Habakkuk: The just shall live by faith
  Sermon on the mount: a primer for discipleship
  The Miracles of Jesus as told by John
  Romans: Setting our sights on the mission of God for all people

                      (based on Arthur Glasser)

  2 Corinthians: Man’s weakness in ministry only highlights God’s ability to accomplish                              His purposes.
  Galations: Life on the tightrope of faith- looking back to the cross and forward to the                   promises.
  Ephesians:  Walking in Christ on the foundation of grace to build God's kingdom.
  Philippians: Inspiring confidence to “stay in the game” and strive for consistency in                            ministry no matter what.
  Colossians: Experiencing Christ is the essence of the Christian experience
  1 Timothy:  Foundations for effective ministry
  2 Timothy:  Foundations for maintaining a vigorous spiritual life
  Titus:  Foundations for a healthy church in an unhealthy society
  Hebrews: Enjoying the privileges of the promise- a partnership with God for                                     establishing His Kingdom
  James: A study guide to prepare for the testing of faith
  1 Peter:  Fulfilling God's promise to be a blessing to the world by living confidently in                the gracious plan of God
  2 Peter:  Living in light of the world to come
  1 John: an invitation to experience divine life