Strauss Ministry

Kingdom Come series

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A study on the sovereignty of God

and what it means for missions

week 1 God's eternal kingdom
week 2 The Kingdom of God in this present evil age
week 3 How God has positioned His kingdom in this present evil age
week 4 How God has overcome the barriers to entering His Kingdom
week 5 How God has defined our mission, our methods, and our motivation
week 6 How Jesus started a movement to extend His Kingdom to the world
  A biblical perspective on poverty and the Kingdom
part 1 Pointing us to the glory of God
  Power point for part 1
part 2 Pointing us to our responsibility to love
  Power point for part 2
  Comprehensive bible references on poverty
  God's Kingdom Come(ing)
  Kingdom effectiveness- Deuteronomy 11
  Kingdom rules of engagement