Strauss Ministry
Key Ministry Principles

In order to help you better understand our thinking we have prepared a statement below that explains key principles by which we live. These principles describe our destinctives and the ideals for which we strive and are not intended as a comprehensive doctrinal statement.

  1. We must live by faith: completely satisfied with all that God has for us as we live in light of the world to come

    1. We acknowledge that we are just passing through this world and that God will accomplish His work with or without us.

    2. We are called by faith to work with God for restoring His glory to His fallen world

    3. The best investment we can make is in eternal things

    4. Faithfulness is the goal not fruitfulness

    5. Help people to focus on the Lord and you will help them overcome problems

    6. Most of our work is simply planting seeds so God can bring growth in His time

    7. The less encumbered we are by this world the more we can be devoted to the next

    8. We will use our earthly career only as a means to service not an end in itself

    9. We must press every advantage for the sake of the kingdom

  1. Ministry is a privilege

    1. God has honored us with time, resources, gifts, and opportunities for service

    2. Work is a pleasure not a duty when it is done with Him

    3. Always prepare well

    4. The opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life is a privilege earned by commitment

    5. Missions opportunities are a privilege

  2. A transformed mind is the foundation for transformed living

    1. We must live by principles not by reactions

    2. Clear biblical thinking can be taught and must precede mature Christian living

    3. Creative one-on-one interaction is usually the most effective tool for changing how someone thinks

    4. Always be a student of life and realize book learning is not enough

    5. Truthful teaching done from the heart reaches the mind

    6. A rebellious heart can undo years of good thinking

  3. God has chosen to use people to accomplish His purposes

    1. We should not presume to know who God may choose or how He might use them: every person can make a difference

    2. God uses marriages and family to teach us Christian living and service

    3. God uses the church to teach us Christian perspective and thinking

    4. Marriage and the church are God’s institutions

Our mission statement:

To serve as a stimulus for God’s transforming work by holding to and promoting clear biblical thinking and a servant-leader lifestyle.