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Glenn and Kim

Kim and Glenn

Glenn's Father
Dear All,

On behalf of Glenn and Kim, we would like to let you all know that yesterday morning (Wednesday, December 30th) Glenn's father passed away. Glenn and Kim were able to be with him the night before.

Please be in prayer for both Glenn and Kim and his entire family.  The funeral will be held in Kingwood, Texas on January 4th at 1pm. 

Glenn & Kim will be traveling with all of their immediate family and prayer for their traveling safety is needed.  Glenn and Kim will be returning home after the service.

On a personal note, thank you all for your prayers and continued support of my parents in their travels and ministry.  It is greatly appreciated.  While it is very sad, the death of my grandfather has not fallen outside of the plan of God.

Thank you!
Jason Strauss
(son of Glenn and Kim)