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End of the Race!
To those who we are most grateful for,

We are so grateful for all of you who have stayed with us for this Benin service, through prayer, support, giving, serving and speaking on behalf of this work.

As we are drawing close to finishing, we are excited about all that has been achieved.
  • 4,004 eye surgeries were done (this is 1,000 more than projected!)
  • 32,718 people were seen, treated and given sunglasses on the field
  • 5,000+ reading glasses were given (many used for distance vision)
  • 5 local surgeons received training and 2 local surgeons donated over 200 patients surgeries to the poor
  • 3 residents were trained to carry on in different countries, training others, serving the poor and spreading the gospel to Gabon, Africa, Peru, and South Africa
We could not have done it without our largest eye team to date - and the largest number trained. We have trained 15 who are now able to screen eyes and accurately assess visual acuity.  Three were trained to be Ophthalmic Scrub Nurses and two were trained to be Ophthalmic Techs.

We are having a hard time saying goodbye to those we have served alongside for this entire outreach. (As you can see, my team is not happy we are leaving!)
We have been witnesses to miracles and rejoice in the number of people who have decided to follow Jesus.  Although we will never know the number of people we affected, we do know that 2,258 people publically accepted the Lord through the various outreaches we had this year.  We pray they will hold fast to their new faith!
As I write this, Glenn and I have only a few days before we leave.  As you can imagine, we struggle with all that needed to be done and all that is left undone.  We struggle with those who have diligently worked along side of us and are realizing our departure is imminent. The realities of their lives and their needs will still be here, so they are closing in on crew to ask for help at the last minute.  All of them have legitimate need and no prospects, and we cannot come even close to meeting their needs either. The tension is tangible.
Having trained 3 ophthalmologists in the country leaves us some comfort knowing that good eye care is now available.  We pray that the charity they felt while the ship was here would continue for those who suffer needlessly and cannot afford to pay.
And what is next for us?  Well, we leave on the 11th and go directly to Sweden for Glenn to talk at an eye medical conference.  We are happy to be able to be home for the holidays after that. (Our 5 grandchildren are ready and waiting!) We are especially excited to be home for our Grandson, Andy's baptism in December!  We wouldn't miss it!
Then we wait for the next steps:  It looks like things are coming together for Glenn to go to the Gaza Strip to assess the medical school eye program there after Christmas.  In Feb, we are going to Nairobi, Kenya where Glenn was invited to be a speaker at the Christian Medical Assoc. meetings.  We  then fly to South Africa to help set up an eye project for Mercy Ships in the fall.  By March 1st, we will need to meet the ship in Lome, Togo.  The ship will serve in Togo for 6months. (We will still need our French in Togo!)  The ship will then move to South Africa, Lord willing, for much needed repairs and to serve the poor that are overwhelming their medical system.
It is unmistakeable that God has been with us is all and we thank Him for all He has done.

And now, as the verse says:  "...for you shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace."  Is.55:12

Thank you all for being with us in Benin!

By His Grace,
Glenn and Kim
Stay tuned for pictures!
(coming soon)