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Someone said to me recently "you are my FOOT" .  In Liberia , it means "one on whom you depend."
It's only one foot because they walk all the time and you cannot get around with only one foot - you depend on the other foot to get you there. It reminded me of Eccl. 4:9,10 " Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor.  For if they fall, one will lift up his friend, but woe to him who is alone when he falls for he has no one to help him up."  I am happy to be a 'foot'!

Saying Goodbye to Liberia
For those who support the work God has sent us to do,
Grace and Peace through our Savior, Jesus Christ.
We are starting to pack for our return home.  It feels like we just got here.  It also feels like Friday is a long way off because we have so much to accomplish in the next few days!
Since we wrote last, we have been very busy with a variety of activities!  One surprising one was that we were asked to be on a Christian radio station here! It is ELWA radio which began here in 1954!  It was a call-in talk show about marriage...NOT eyes!  Glenn was fine with the radio thing but it was bizarre and new for me!  Talking to the "air" is hard...and is NOT like talking on the phone!  Our radio host, Perry, helped when he could!  This was a national show and we pray that the truth of God's word stirs in the heart of these Christians who still think women are 'property'. 

We were also asked to teach a Marriage Conference for 16 pastors and a few of their wives (all the wives were invited, but only a few came). Glenn taught the lesson and then opened it up for discussion.  It was amazing!  They were SO open, that it really became a personal counseling session for each of them!  Except with EVERYONE listening!  They said things most Americans would struggle to say in private!  And some were back and forth between the pastor and his wife!  THEN... Glenn had to leave to return to the ship to do more surgeries and I had to finish the afternoon topics on Submission and Leadership.  These issues are always controversial in ALL cultures, but I was outnumbered and dealing with a male dominated culture.   Sure enough, about half way through, one of the pastors said "Well, if your husband was only here, then we would have the male point of view!!"  I just reminded him that it is only GOD'S POINT OF VIEW that matters!!  They didn't argue with that!  In fact, they begged us to come back and do another session.(actually they asked us to do 3 more!).
Glenn found himself serving a few VIP patients this time including the President's sister (who most people say actually is the one running the country since she is the eldest!), port officials and various cabinet members.  He did the Minister of Health's cataract surgery.  The minister was so pleased that the word got around quickly. Calls started coming for a VIP treatment from Dr. G!   Glenn was also able to spend time training several ophthalmologists to use the technique he has developed including the only two ophthalmologists in Liberia as well as a surgeon from Australia and one from the U.S.   All in all, the eye team was able to do over 500 eye surgeries in the 5 weeks we were here.

We are having to say goodbye to friends we have come to know and love over the past 4 years.  It is very hard. One couple that we met in 2005 had a baby and actually named him after Glenn!  Here is a picture of them together with his father, Otis and his sister.  He has his name-sake in Liberia!!  Ha!  (looks just like him!  Eh?)  We will miss our friends here and pray God will lead us to meet with them again this side of heaven!

We will be home for the holidays and then return to the ship in January.  The ship will then travel to Benin.  We will be on that sail.  Pray for our time home with family.  Pray for Kim's motion sickness on the sail.  And pray for Benin - the country that birthed Voodoo.
In His love,
Glenn and Kim

" Liberian Fire Department?"