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Modern Day Miracle!
Dear friends, family, and those who support this work,
As we near the end of our Benin outreach, it has been amazing to watch the modern day miracle of over 3,000 people being led onto the ship, led off the ship -- and the next day being able to walk on their own! And speedy Glenn has personally done over 2,100 and counting!  We have seen patients from age 3 months to one who claimed to be 100 years old receive their sight!  And you know, many of them are able to see better than we can! (something is wrong with that!)  Their celebrations and thankfulness is unmatched!  We had to chase one man who jumped up running all over shouting "HALLELUJAH!" as he realized he could see even before we could fully get his patch off! God has done a great work for these people!
But, I have to write to you about a woman that came in this week. It was about 2 o'clock and I was at the other end of the hospital with patients when my translators came running saying, "There's a testimony!"  I quickly went down to our waiting area and there was a woman with her appointment card -- beaming from ear to ear and barely able to contain her excitement!  She was shaking as she spoke in her language, pulling out documents from a local Ophthalmologist that she had seen in the spring.  The documents said she had cataracts.  She then excitedly waved our Mercy Ships appointment card in my face as the translators began to tell me what she was saying.  This 60ish woman couldn't afford the surgery locally, so came to Mercy Ships and waited with the 500 people at our clinic several times to be screened.  When she finally got in, it was confirmed that she indeed had cataracts and was given a surgery appointment 3 months ago!
But, three weeks ago, she decided to attend her church's 3 week prayer and fasting meetings.  Three days ago, she was praying at church for her sight to be returned ---when all of a sudden, when she looked up, she saw the cataracts "fall from her eyes" --- AND SHE COULD SEE!  At this point, she started grabbing me and hugging me and thanking Jesus!  She said she is SOOOO THANKFUL that Jesus did this for her and she had to come and give her testimony!  Trying to take in what I was hearing, I looked closely at this woman who obviously came in ON HER OWN, was clearly looking STRAIGHT AT ME with very clear eyes --- and my jaw just dropped!  I grabbed her and we joyfully bounced together in glee while all the many people listening began excitedly telling each other what had happened.  My translators stopped me though and said, "We need to get a doctor!  We need to confirm this!" For a split second I considered this, then I looked at them, and looked at her looking up at me and I said, "Wait a minute, you need to ask HER if SHE wants it confirmed!  I'm not doing this for YOUR sakes!"  So when they asked her, she looked shocked and said, "No, I KNOW I can SEE!" So, I said to the translators with one of my motherly grins and said, "well, it looks like she is the one with all the faith, and NOT YOU!" (to which they chuckled humbly and nodded)  Our miracle lady leaped up and hugged everyone again and skipped out...on her own!
It reminded me of the story of Saul, when he was blinded on the road to Damascus because of his encountering the risen and ascended Jesus. After Saul was blind for 3 days, God sent Ananais to heal him.  It says, "Immediately, there fell from his eyes something like scales and he received his sight at once - and he arose and was baptized"  God's healing was immediate and Saul's response was immediate, and just like this woman, Saul gave "testimony" by the act of baptism of what Jesus had done for him.

Mark 9:23 says, "Jesus said, If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes".  This patient believed....and it WAS possible!
Some things just cannot be denied.  But, one surgical eye nurse did come to me after I shared this with the crew and said " So....there IS someone faster than Dr. Glenn!"  Ha!  Amen!
To God be the Glory - Great things He has done!
Glenn and Kim Strauss