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Simply Stated:  Our Beliefs
To all,

It's getting so confusing in the world.  So many people are using the same words that it has made it increasingly difficult to state simply the distinctives of what you believe. 

The same words I use, others use but mean something different.  Words like God, love, pray, Jesus, believer, follower, disciple, worship, grace, and faith are heard in many different cultures and religions today. Here in Benin, we had the King of Ouida (from the birthplace of the Voodoo religion) come as a patient.  He asked if he could pray for us.  He brought his wooden idols with him and told us that he believed the same as we do but his prayers must go through his idols first!  There are so many people who really believe that we all fundamentally agree spiritually.  But...nothing could be farther from the truth!

This is an attempt to state what we believe WITHOUT those commonly used words.  Hopefully, this will help us be clear about what makes our beliefs distinctive.

  We believe in a supreme Spiritual Being Who's very nature consists of Pure Light, Love and Life, who knows within Himself the essence of true relationship and absolute truth.

  We believe that this One brought into existence all things and created mankind with the unique capacity and ability to a relationship with Him. But even with the option to choose a relationship with this One, mankind chooses not to.  This can permanently separate us from a relationship with the One who made us.

  We believe that this One, not wanting ANYONE to live without a relationship with Him, sent to us the very part of Himself that created mankind, that Part which puts into words who He is, the very part of Him that holds all life together.  This One was born a human (while maintaining His own place in the Supreme relationship) and was given the name Jesus.  As He lived on earth, He demonstrated His ability to give life through healing and even bring life to the dead.  He explained who He is and He described what a relationship with Him would be like --- if we would choose it.

   We believe that everything this One born a man did was intended to draw all men into a relationship with the supreme Spiritual Being.  "Everything" included His own physical death.  He offered His own physical body and allowed His own Spirit to be separated from its place in the Supreme relationship.  Why?  In order to offer a way back into that pure relationship that mankind chose to sever --- if we would accept it.

  We believe that the One who offered Himself returned bodily back to His place in the Supreme relationship but sent another part of Himself to offer this relationship to all people.  Each time someone chooses this relationship, it is this part of Him who also seals the relationship forever.  He does this by entering our very souls to teach, comfort and keep us close --- if we would receive it.

  We believe that those who have chosen this relationship with the Supreme Being cannot help but be affected by Him living inside us and are changed into a different kind of person.  Because of the seal, we can no longer permanently damage our relationship with Him. He is now holding it together.  Our own nature can interfere as it continues to want its own way which grieves Him, but no longer separates us.  His Love, Light, and Life are now part of us.  And slowly we come to reflect His love, light, and life --- if we continue to choose His way. 

  We believe  that when those who have chosen a relationship with the Supreme Being die, He will receive them physically into His presence.  To do this, He will transform our bodies so that we will live forever.  Those who share in this unbelievable experience will come from every tribe and people on earth.
We hope this will challenge you to think a little more deeply about what you believe and the words you use to explain it.  We are open to any questions or comments you may have. 
Acts 17:28 "For in Him we live and move and have our being".

Love to all,  Glenn and Kim Strauss
Our Grandkids!
We thought you might enjoy seeing an updated picture of us with our grandkids. 
From left to right: Megan, Audrey, Alyssa, Noah, Andy