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In Liberia Again
To our supporters,
We watched the sun set last night.  Did you know the sun only took 5 minutes and 45 seconds to set here!?  We thought we were watching a special effects sped up version of a Texas sunset! It was truly beautiful and fascinating as we watched that orange ball drop through the clouds.
Needless to say, we are once again back in Liberia.  We arrived Sat. Oct.4th after long, uneventful flights (oh except for that medical emergency on board that Glenn diagnosed to be a panic attack and which he simply prescribed listening to music to solve!  The crew was so grateful it wasn't a heart attack that they pitched in and bought him an expensive bottle of wine which we had to hide in our suitcase since we were with Mercy Ships!) 
We arrived exhausted, not from our trip over but from the events of the past 10 weeks at home.  To name a few, our oldest daughter had her her 2nd child, our 5th grandchild, whom they named Meghan.  Kim had surgery and reconstruction on her nose for cancer.  Kim's father had surgery.  And hurricane Ike hit our area as well as others.  Several family members took refuge at our home at different times, but we ended up having "refugees" for 3 weeks total.  We then cleaned up our own hurricane mess, packed and flew to Africa.
This first week on the ship, we only had 3 days of surgery but the 3 doctors (1 new and one in training) were able to do just short of 100 eyes plus an extra 100 laser procedures. One encouraging story I wanted to tell you about was a 60 year old man that I was preparing for surgery. I was talking to him about the procedure when he stopped me suddenly and said " I asked Jesus into my heart!  I am now a Christian!"  He went on to explain that he had gone to one of our mobile eye clinics about 3 months ago and had listened to what they had to say about Jesus.  He chose to speak to one of the translators about it who told him more and then prayed with him to ask Jesus into his heart.  I told him how wonderful it was that he had done this  and how excited I was for him! I WAS excited! For him to want to burst into our conversation because he was busting to tell me showed how very important this was to him.  His joy was obvious and undeniable!  It is what made him have to tell me. Lord, what a privilege it was to be one of the ones he told ( as I am sure this 60 year old man has told many) and what a privilege to be able to rejoice with him.  I had done absolutely nothing to cause this transformation , but what a blessing to be able to hear and see what God had done.  He got his spiritual sight, now he was ready for his physical sight to be restored also. I pray that all would "see".
On Friday, we did the 100 YAG laser procedures.  Glenn did the laser.  I did the vision check ups.  What fun that was!!  It has been four years since I have done the vision tests on  6 week postops and I had forgotten how significant it is to the patients!  As they heal, their eyes sometimes improve dramatically the first day and some slowly heal over 6 weeks.  My first patient was a middle aged woman who had come to us with only the ability to see light if shined in her face.  I stood her in the appropriate line and had her cover her other eye.  I started with the big E.  I proceeded down the chart as she quickly began identifying each one and her excitement rose.  We were getting down to the very bottom when a look of sudden realization of what was true.  She could see!  And see well!!  She read the 20/20 line and we both squealed with joy!  She began jumping up and down and ran and hugged me , dancing all about!!  I gladly danced with her!  She ran to another lady and hugged her while loudly declaring " I was blind...NOW I SEE!!"  She began praising God for what he had done!  It reminded me of the story in the Bible of the man that was healed who went running and leaping and praising God!  It must have been just like this! We all thought of the hymn 'Amazing Grace', but I honestly don't think she did!  It WAS amazing to witness!  (The best part was that she was not the only one!  Many left our tent dancing their way home!) What a week!  And we just got here!  I cannot wait to see what God has for the next 5 weeks!
I must throw in one really cute picture.  I had to take the picture quickly, but it is of some of the cutest kids we have on the ward right now.  To entertain them, the translators or nurses will drag them in buckets, boxes or laundry baskets up and down our long hall.  They love it!!  These particular ones are well known to dart out of their ward and gleefully run away thrilled that someone will chase them and catch them. They have become well known escape artists! There is now a note on their ward "Never leave these doors open or the patients will escape!!"  Ha!  Enjoy.

by His Grace we see,
Glenn and Kim

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