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Glenn and Kim

Kim and Glenn

South Africa
November, Elvis and Our Amazing  God.
Dear All,
" God is our refuge and strength,
 a very present help in trouble.
Therefore, we will not fear,
even though the earth be removed."
Psalms 46
     November is a short, small man, 65 and blind (yes, he was born in November).  His daughter, tall, with stocky build carried his bundle of clothes on one arm while exasperatingly tugging on her father's arm and snapping orders in an unfamiliar language.  November maneuvered resistantly, frightened, digging in his heals, refusing to move forward without cautiously testing each step.  I approached and waved off the daughter who sighed in disgust and growled in English, "He's like a 2 year old child!"  Having compassion on both of them, I reassured her and took her papa's hands and gently tried to lead him forward.  He resisted.  I reached up to his elbows and placed his hands on mine and began moving each arm up and down alternately.  I suddenly saw the light dawn in his face as he began to move his feet to the rhythm of the arms.  His daughter dropped her jaw in delight and amazement.  Poor November began to trust and soon easily moved down the long hall to his room. It had taken 1/2 hour to put November into the transport van to get him here, I was told.  And getting November onto the operating table was a task, too.  His daughter told me that she has to do everything for him....feed him, dress him, and help him pee.  She was exhausted and with little hope. But God had a plan.  The next morning, Glenn and I walked in to see our row of 30 post-op patients, all with their patches off.  As we walked down the row saying good morning, I saw November who lifted his head ----AND LOOK STRAIGHT AT ME!  I touched his cheek and said, "You can see me!!"  and at the same time caught a glimpse of his daughter's beaming face sitting just beyond him!  We both started clapping and she said, "He dressed HIMSELF!!"  We were both in tears.  As we discharged the patients, I marveled as I watched November walk 8 feet in front of his daughter, walk down the stairs and outside -- by himself!  Walking across the street -- by himself!  And as he stepped up over curves, his daughter turned to me and gave it the thumbs up!  Neither one of us could believe it.  November was free!  SHE was free! God had freed them both!
     Two days later.... Elvis entered the building.  Elvis had an injury by machete to one eye.  He could not physically open it.  Behind it was an eye blinded by cataract.  His "good eye" was also blinded by cataract.  Elvis was fearful of having his "good eye" operated on, but it was his best chance at sight.  Resigned, he quietly agreed.  Elvis came alone.  He laid very still waiting for his operation.  It went well.  But, the day after tells all.  When we came in the next morning, I couldn't find Elvis.  I began passing out medicines and came to a bright eyed, sheepishly smiling man.  I gasped.  It WAS Elvis!  His countenance had SO changed that I didn't even recognize him (even with his shut eye!)  That's how transformed he was!  And... now I can say it.....Elvis has left the building.....A CHANGED MAN! 
Sabona Postops
     November is free.  Elvis left seeing.  God is amazing.  But, we have seen something just as amazing here in Queenstown and that is God at work in the believers here!  A student nurse was inspired to start a group that goes to hospitals and minister to the patients!  An ophthalmologist and her husband have a vision to start a Christian NGO that trains Christians to transform society, using churches to reach out with social ministry (churches are very weak on this point here).  An optometrist told us of his vision to lead Christians to live a transformed life that includes Christ in all dominions of life.  If this isn't enough to convince you that God is moving in this area of Africa... just wait, I am sure there is more to come! All these people have been transformed by God.
    It is such a privilege to see the workings of an Almighty God. 

"Now may the God of hope fill you
with all joy and peace in believing that you may
abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."
Romans 15:13

In Him and by His Grace,

Glenn and Kim