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Glenn and Kim


Back in Benin
To all who follow and support us in what God has asked us to do,
After our short break at home, we are again fully engaged here in Benin.  Glenn first week of surgery  he was all by himself and did almost 150 patients. The team was happy to be really busy again.   Our BIG news is that the Benin eye surgeons Glenn has trained for the last 8 months did their first eye project this week using the technique Glenn has developed.  They were so excited and proud that they had succeeded in learning this technique and are now using it in their own hospital.

Other members of our team were involved in the training as well.  Hannah, one of our translators, has been training on board as an eye tech and has excelled.  She taught the doctors and staff at this local hospital how to do calculations for the implant used during cataract surgery. 
Here they are so enthusiastic to learn that they swamped poor Hannah! Another local, Anne, who has her nursing degree, has successfully been trained to assist an ophthalmologist in the OR. Anne also came to help train their OR nurses.  They did a great job and it was a big help to have someone with us who could speak the local language!  Our translators have not only learned their skills, but now have learned to train others!  Hannah has been so inspired that she is moving on to attend medical school!
Everything went very well the first day and to everyone's amazement, they were able to finish 10 surgeries in one day and without any complications! (and without help from their  'Professor', Dr. Glenn , who stood nearby praying).  And just so you have a frame of reference, the hospitals here rarely are able to do even 5 cataracts in one week! And up till now have gotten poor results.
One of the local ophthalmologist had come as a guest from another hospital.  She has also asked if we could do the same thing at her hospital.  We are praying that we will be able to help set this up for October before leaving in November.
The joy we have in knowing that we will be leaving Benin with 3 doctors that we can confidently say will give the people excellent eye care is priceless!  Better yet, their hearts have also been stirred to serve the poor.  Two of the doctors are Christians (and women) and one is Muslim.
 Here is a picture of the 3 doctors all assisting one another on this surgery.  All are eager to continue what they have started here in Benin.   I wish you all could have seen these doctors 'beaming' as they realized what they had accomplished. 
Ogbe & Glenn
They have even made the national newspaper and we hope they will get a visit from the President of Benin himself.
Over 2,400 patients have been given their sight so far this year (Glenn has done 1,900 of them himself), 12 international surgeons and 10 African surgeons have been trained in the technique of cataract surgery Glenn is doing and these 3 have been trained to be trainers.
Bello Tuswa and Glenn
Hofman and Glenn

What an amazing year it has been and we still have 2 months to go!  Keep us in your prayer so that we may finish well here in Benin.
Thanks for 'going with us' in this work.  It means a lot to know you are there.
Glenn and Kim