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Floods in Liberia
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Floods in Liberia

The United Nations says recent flooding in West Africa has affected more than 130,000 people.

A statement from the U.N. Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says the worst-affected countries are Mali, Mauritania and Burkina Faso. Gambia, Senegal, Liberia and Niger are also feeling the effects of torrential rains that began in July.

Mauritania has requested international assistance, while Mali and Niger have appealed for help from local U.N. teams.

Nearly 18,000 people are homeless in Mali and approximately 17,000 in Liberia's capital, Monrovia.

In addition to flooding from rain, the United Nations says ocean waves slammed coastline communities in Liberia and Ivory Coast, sweeping away the homes of several hundred families in each country.

The U.N. says the governments of the eight countries affected are providing assistance to the victims in collaboration with humanitarian organizations.

Article from VOA News

Glenn and Kim

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Names and Faces to the Stories we hear
So often we hear stories of lives changed, but it is so nice to put a face to these stories.  This little girl is Ami. ami
Read her story:  Four-year-old Ami suffered the same eye problem as her older brother, Sidate.  Her mother, Awa, despaired after an endless and fruitless search for help for her children. But then she heard about a Mercy Ship coming to Senegal.  A Mercy Ships surgeon performed successful onboard operations on both Ami as well as her brother.  Afterwards Awa said haltingly, "I was labelled a bad mother because my children were afflicted.  I have no words to express to you the weight that has lifted from my shoulders."

Read more stories of lives changed here
A Tour of the Africa Mercy

Dear All,

      I have been running up and down stairs to take pictures in order to give you a taste of what our new ship the Africa Mercy is like.

I started with our room.  This is considered a ''one man cabin'' and these all look alike.  The families have several rooms and a small kitchenette.  As you can see, we have a small refrigerator (our kitchen which I spent days decorating) and 2 chairs (our living room), our bedroom to the left and our office to the right.  We do have our own bathroom  (not all rooms do) with a shower that is 16'' wide! Next is our view from our window.

window view

We are grateful to have windows, but Glenn didn't realize the first day that people sit right outside them on that deck and wave at you (while he was undressing!) Otherwise the view is lovely - outside

town center

On board we have a ''Town Center'' where our Starbucks is.  Coffee for us is 25 cents! All our coffee is donated by Starbucks. (Don't be jealous! We do have to bring our own cup!)  There is a snack bar at the other corner, with our grocery store next to that.  There is a lovely café area with big windows with a view as you sip your coffee. guitar

This is where Glenn gave a concert last night which everyone really enjoyed. (See--- he is wearing his new official scrubs).

  dining room

Next is the dining room.  We like the back left window seat! The view always makes the food taste better - and it needs any help it can get! 

 computer area

Mercy ships had the computer area donated !  These computers are great , especially when they are working!!

wheely chair

Now down 4 floors from our room is the hospital where we work.  My hall is long and our blind patients are now easily transported to the other end by a small, orange ''wheelie'' chair.  They actually enjoy the ride! Now if this were a scratch and sniff picture, you would also be able to smell the incredibly strong African body odor mixed with urine and hospital smells!  It can knock you over!

glenn training

  Then there is Glenn training one of the Liberian doctors in the OR.  Glenn loves the teaching microscopes and now also has a live camera for other doctor's to view the operation on a flat screen TV while he is operating!

When you are on a Christian ship, you never know what encouragement is around the corner.  One day I went back to my room to rest a minute after having to tell one of our patients some difficult news. I was considering the verse in Jeremiah 42:6 "Whether it is pleasing or displeasing, I will obey the voice of the Lord..." To my surprise, just outside our windows, our Liberian deckhands were dancing and singing in their own native tongue while one played a conga drum.  They were having a time of praise to the Lord!  I caught their shadows on camera as I did not want to disturb their singing.  What a blessing and encouragement! They never knew I was even there! It reminded me of heaven revealed in Rev. 7:9 "I looked, and behold..all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues, standing before the throne...crying out 'Salvation belongs to our God'" Won't that be wonderful?!

I hope you enjoyed our tour and hope to see you all one day on the ship yourselves!  Blessings to you all.