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Restoring Sight in Africa
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The Itinerary

Glenn and Kim will leave on August 14th on their trek to Liberia.  They will have a four day layover in Brussels for their 32nd anniversary (which happens to be August 16th).  They will arrive in Monrovia, Liberia on August 19 and will return home September 21st. 
Glenn and Kim
Glenn and Kim Strauss
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Mercy Ships Restoring Sight in Africa

Mercy Ships continues to bring physical and spiritual healing to some of the poorest people in Liberia through its fully equipped hospital ship, the Africa Mercy.

August Newsletter
To Our Wonderful Supporters,
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As we once again prepare to leave Texas for Liberia, we find ourselves humbled by God who has brought all of you to join with us in this journey.  The Lord has also recently made it abundantly clear again that He wants us to continue to serve Him in this way.  You cannot imagine what it is like to have His will be made so clear that it leaves no doubt that this is what we are to be doing right now.  It leaves us immeasurably grateful to Him (especially when things become difficult.) Praise to Him always! Rom. 16:27

   If that weren't enough, we have other significant praises we have been waiting to share with you all.  The first is about our newest grandson, Noah, whom many were praying for concerning his kidney. Noah had a test run and the doctor's said his kidney looked blocked and there was a better than 95% chance that they would do surgery soon.  Two weeks later he went for a more definitive test that would show where to operate.  WE  were praying that the doctor would call and say " Well, he no longer needs surgery."  This, of course, was the long shot that we knew only God could do.  AND HE DID!  The doctors did say that!  We were all in tears and thanking God for working on behalf of little Noah!  Thank you all so much for praying with us!  God was gracious!
   We also have another praise to report.  Many of you know that when I was on the ship the last time, I burned my esophagus with my malaria medication.  They told me it would take months to heal.  Well, on Friday, I had my scope done and he said there is NO scarring and NO reflux and it has completely healed!!  I do not have to be concerned with further complications!  Yea!
    On August 14th, we leave for Liberia, Africa to serve aboard the Africa Mercy.  Glenn was recently there for a week and was privileged to be able to do the very first surgery aboard this new ship!  This newsletter contains links to these articles for those who are interested.  We will serve until September 21st doing eye surgery,  training a local eye surgeon, developing the program for the disabled, and continuing to develop over all the future mission of Mercy Ships.  
     Please pray for opportunities to clearly share the gospel as well as for discipleship opportunities that always seem to present themselves on board the ship.  Please also pray for Glenn as he moves forward administratively, for wisdom and boldness as God directs him. Col. 4:2-6

Many blessings to you all.
Glenn and Kim
IIThess. 3:16
In the News
     Some great reporters are taking notice of Mercy Ships and are very interested in the ministry that takes place in Africa.  There were three new articles since the last newsletter and they shed some great light on what Glenn and Kim are doing.  Enjoy!
An Interview with Dr. Strauss
Glenn StraussRecently Glenn was interviewed for an article appearing on the Christian Post, an online Christian news website.  He tells more about the medical procedures done on the new Africa Mercy and how this has changed the way they are able to operate in the African countries.
Interview: Mercy Ships VP on Gospel's Healing Touch, African Superstition

Dr. Glenn Strauss, the vice president of International Health Care and Programs, spoke to The Christian Post on July 12 just days after returning from performing surgeries aboard the Africa Mercy docked in Monrovia, Liberia.

The following are excerpts taken from the interview:

CP: I usually hear Mercy Ships performing cataract and cleft palate surgeries, but this was the first time I heard orthopedic surgeries being done on a Mercy ship. Is this the first time the ministry has done orthopedic surgeries?

Strauss: No, this is not the first time, but it has been several years since one of our ships have been able to sponsor and support orthopedic surgeries. So we are thrilled that the Africa Mercy will make it possible for us to support more variety of surgeries than we have been able to do before and orthopedic is one of those.

Read the full interview here

Faith-Based Medical Mission Leaps Forward

"I wouldn't want anyone I know to have to endure what they call the 'medical system' in Liberia," he said. "The hospitals are bombed-out, cinder-block buildings. The operating rooms are not sterile. There is frequently no electricity. Patients show up, hoping a doctor of any kind will be there. Often there is not.

"If there is a doctor, waiting can take all day," he continued, ticking off his fingers. "And there is not a guarantee they are specialists in the area of concern or have the know-how to address the problem. There is seldom the correct medical equipment on hand, seldom the support staff needed to help physicians. There are no windows, and the humid, outside air, full of insects, comes right into the hospital."

Strauss paused and looked out his office window to the view of peaceful lush and green East Texas countryside. His white beard and hair framed a gentle face, his eyes filled with quiet emotion as he appeared to be struggling with just the right words. After about 15 seconds of silence, he slowly shook his head and turned back.

"It's tragic," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

read the full article here
The next time you hear from me Glenn and Kim will be serving on the ship.  I look forward to being able to pass along the stories and praises of lives changed as they are used by God in mighty ways. 

In Him,
Betsy Strauss