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Returning Home
Dear all,
Grace and peace to you from God our Father!  We are on our way home! 
As I sit in this Belgium airport, reflecting on what has occurred just in the last few weeks, I am amazed!  Why God's work continues to floor me is a mystery!   But, why wouldn't it be amazing? After all...He is GOD!!
In 16 days, Glenn has been able to finish 444 surgeries!  The new doctor that came in the last two weeks remarked that our team on the ship flows better than any thing he has seen in the UK!  He was astonished by the fact that this all was accomplished while being understaffed!!  We literally pulled one guy out of the hallway, into the OR, and trained him to be a eye scrub nurse!  (He was thrilled!)  But, they all loved working with Dr. G.!! The patients called him "magic hands" while the other surgeons just called him "the machine"!  Ha!  Glenn was so proud of his team and pleased that we could serve so many and bring them much needed sight! Here is a cute picture of one of his very pleased patients!

Happy post op grin

Lots of training projects going on: a skills training program that Glenn developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in Liberia has 3 "students".  Believe it or not, they have been doing ALL their clerical work for the Ministry of Health with pencil and paper...and no files!!

They HAVE lap tops, but no training!  Now they are on the ship learning computer skills, spread sheets, reconciling numbers and filing systems.  They are so excited and  have now begun to train others.  How exciting is that!   Anesthetists from a mission hospital have been rotating through our ORs in 2 week shifts to learn new skills.  Glenn has been working with the ONLY two ophthalmologists from Liberia.  A bio-med tech on board has been training staff at the local hospital how to fix and maintain their equipment.  (This has been a huge success and greatly needed here!)  All this training effort has opened new doors for discipleship.  Next year on the ship, we are even offering a formal Eye Fellowship training program to 2 African doctors!
One last encouragement.  Many of you are familiar with the Jesus Film.  It is a film from the gospel of Luke that tells about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  We have teams that go out regularly, often into the bush (as they call it here) and show the film by generator.  Sometimes the equipment works... and sometimes it doesn't. The sound system often won't work and our team shouts the story to the crowds.  yes, CROWDS !  This is enormously popular with hundreds often attending.  The impact has been enormous!  The team has just announced that they have just planted the first church! God is using this film and the faithfulness of our team to expand His kingdom in Liberia!
As we look toward home now, we ask that your prayers continue for the ministry happening in Liberia.  Please pray for us as we use this next few months at home to prepare for our last trip to this country that we have worked in for 4 years.  We will need wisdom to wrap up our work there in a way that encourages them to carry on and helps us to bring closure to many friendships.  Next year, God willing, we will be serving in Benin!
To God be the glory!  Great things He has done!
In His Grace,
Glenn and Kim