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Glenn and Kim

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Before 1975, the country of Benin was called "Dahomey"


Celebrate Sight Day!
To all who follow, pray, and support,
Being grateful for what the Lord has given is never better expressed here than on Celebrate Sight Day!!  What a day!  Glenn wanted to give his patients a special day where they could celebrate their new sight.  Every Friday, our patients return for their final exam, a YAG laser treatment and a celebration!! --- all 100+ of them!  It's a thrilling day for those of us who just 6 weeks before had led them carefully onto the ship, holding their two hands to help guide them.  After surgery, we carefully led them back out with a patch on their eye and the prayer that God would finish the work and restore sight to their eye.  Now, here they are, walking in on their own and having a party
My favorites are the miracles that are considered "poor prognosis" patients.  These are patients who have so much damage to their eyes that we are unsure if the cataract operation will fix them. One such lady had only one eye left and a dense cataract in it. 
one eye cataract lady
We removed the cataract, but did not expect much.  We prayed with her saying that the surgeon had done his part and now asking Jesus to do the rest.  As I looked through the crowd, I spotted her confidently coming in on her own!  Her eye was clear and good and just sparkled as she went around and thanked all of us! I stood amazed as I read her chart and witnessed with my own eyes that she could see just as well as I could! To God be the glory!
One of our translators, Marcel (a real "natural-born choir director") starts the celebration in song.  As the drum beats these formerly blind patients, young and old, jump to their feet --- and the dancing begins!!  Singing at the top of their lungs, they rejoice thanking God for His salvation! The sound of the drums and their voices fills the room!  The joy is contagious!  We all begin to dance, clap, and weep for joy! 

  dancing 2

After the dancing, they tell their stories of neglect, being taken advantage of, loneliness, feelings of worthlessness, and fear as they lived in total darkness.... But no longer!  God has brought them a miracle!  And now they dance!!!
"A time to mourn and a time ....TO DANCE!!"  Eccl.3:4
Rejoicing always,
Glenn and Kim