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Kim's Next New Name!

One thing that happened was that the translators gave me another Liberian Name.  They call me 'Leemu' which means 'heart strings'.  They said that Dr. G's heart and mine are tied together, so that is why they picked that name for me. Other people got body shape names, 'giraffe', 'short one', 'fat one', etc.  So I really LIKE my name!
Prime Time America

Recently Kim was interviewed by Prime Time America!  You can hear her talk about the eye patients and hear a few testimonies from the Liberians!  The interview starts around 20 minutes into the program!  Check it out here!
Dental Work?

tooth necklace

One of the translators came in and said they killed an 8' alligator behind their house!!  They made alligator soup out of the head! They cut up the tail and dried that meat for later and the feet they will just eat!!  I tried to get them to bring me some alligator teeth for my grandson, but they said the kids 'chucked them' in the water.
Another lady came in wearing a large tooth around her neck.  I asked her what kind it was and she said it was from the lion they killed!!  Yikes!

African Communities

Some of the communities in Liberia have really funny names ( kinda like in Texas!)  Here are some of them:

Smell No Taste

Chicken Soup Factory

West Point

Buzzy Quarter

Red Light

Cow Factory

Chocolate Factory

Mercy Ships in Liberia
Dear partners in the faith,

We are stunned by the various events of the last two weeks...and a bit tired!  But, we want to share them!  The fun news on the ship these past two weeks has been Glenn (aka Dr. Glenn) breaking all the previous ship's records for the number of procedures done in one day...including his own!!  He has now done 39 in one day!  (Most but not all are cataracts - for you savvy ones.)  He has completed over 275 surgeries in 11 days! The ship has a chart tracking the number of eyes he's done and it's a bit like watching a horse race around here with everyone egging him on and cheering! The patients are the ones of course getting the biggest benefits from this and what a delight to be able to see them SEE for the first time.  Glenn did a child with cataracts in both eyes recently that has never been able to see in her 4 years of life and we caught a picture of her seeing for the first time!!  She giggled the whole time as she saw the life around her! 

seeing child

Another little one, a 1 year old boy, had the same procedure.  We took a picture of him standing up at his bed all smiling and marveling at all the colors he could now see (it quickly progressed to grabbing things away from mommy!!  ha!)

postop kid

The children are a favorite, but the 4 foot, 81 year old woman dancing for joy in front of everyone is pretty cute, too!! (here is a picture of her with our record breaking team!She's the one with the shades on!) 

Our favorite this week was a 27 year old guy who was led in by his little 8 year old brother.  This guy was completely blind, but we found out that he is a faithful member of his church choir and prayer team. (He was singing along beautifully with our CD in the eye room).  Dr. Glenn did one eye and the next day he could see better than the doctor (who's a little nearsighted!).  We decided to do the second eye...and today, he can see 20/20 in both eyes!  He said that God has delivered him from the darkness!  He now wants to go back to school.  We were all very excited for him!
 I also want to tell you what amazing thing happened one day on the dock where our patients wait for hours.  We often have pastors, teachers, and patients sharing with the crowd that has now risen to over 100 each day (due to Glenn's prolific surgery!).  This particular day, a ship's counselor (a Liberian), was sent out to share with the crowd.  She tells how she wasn't sure what God wanted her to share and she prayed as she approached the mass of people.  Suddenly, a nearby visiting ship blew its horn!  The people visibly jumped, startled by the sound.  The counselor then KNEW what to say.  She asked the crowd who among them would be ready when the last trumpet sounded!  She explained how Jesus was going to come back some day and those who believe will go to heaven.  Eight people accepted the truth about Jesus!  Twelve more wanted more information about this Jesus!!  Thank God for ship horns!!

An unexpected, but awesome thing happened at one of our eye clinics, too.  As too often happens, we had a patient that we could not help. She was a young lady with late stage glaucoma.  She was also suffering from a severe rash on her body and a painful tumor under one arm.  We could not help her. We could only show her mercy by praying with her and asking God to heal her.  She left very discouraged. Everyone on the team felt low, too.  The next day, one of our counselors got a call from her mother saying that she was healed!!!  Three days later she brought her daughter out to the clinic and lo and behold, not only was the girl's rash was gone and the tumor was gone, but...her vision was better! How God chooses who to do this kind of thing for is a mystery, but awe inspiring! It leaves me saying as David did in Psalms 8, "What is man, that You are mindful of him, and the son of man, that You visit him?" Romans 9:16 says "It does not ,therefore, depend on man's desires or efforts, but on God's mercy." Amen to that!
Now a funny story.  In our eye room, the patients tell us a lot of stories.  They are often told that if they come to our ship, we will take out their eyeball!  Some are told that we just wash it and put it back in their head!  Upcountry, they think people with cataracts are witches because they are able to see at night, but not during the day.   One lady braved coming in spite of being told that we would shave her head before we did her cataract surgery!  We assured her that we never did that.  The woman looking a bit surprised, slowly reached up and took off her scarf - AND SHE WAS BALD!!  She had already shaved her own head!  It was a good thing she had a great sense of humor.  She was going straight home to tell her people that they had told her a lie!  Now she is a bald lady - who can see!  (no pictures, please!)
"Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever. amen"
Partners with Him,
Glenn and Kim