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Glenn and Kim

Did You Know?
Benin is the origin of the Voodoo found in Haiti, Brazil and Louisiana due to slave trade (as well as other parts of the world).

All have Voodoo culture celebrations (ie. Mardi Gras!)

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God's Way
"Nebuchadnezzar spoke, 'Therefore I make a decree... there is no other God who can deliver like this." - Daniel 3:29

"What profit is the image that its maker should carve it, ..that the maker should trust it?  Woe to him who says to wood, 'Awake!'  But, the Lord is in his holy temple.  Let all the earth keep silence before Him." Habakkuk 2:18-20
To friends and family supporting what the Lord is doing here in Benin:
The Africa Mercy has many different ministries on board.  Last time, I told you about the Deaf School ministry.  This week I want to tell you about another ministry and how it affected one man's life. The man was Luke.
Luke was born into a family which practices voodoo.  As is their tradition, when he was born, his father took him before the Voodoo priest.  To the father's horror, the Voodoo priest declared Luke 'worthless'.  The priest told the father that there was nothing he could do --  his son was going to be 'nothing'.  Luke's father turned away in shame and decided to abandon Luke.  Luke was to live with his extended family and grew up with much anger toward his father.
Luke grew up and at 26 years old, now lives in a small mud house near a busy road with his wife and 3 children.   In March, Luke noticed white vehicles passing by each day.  As he watched them pass, he became increasingly curious about them.  One day he could not contain his curiosity and decided to follow them and find out for himself what they were doing.  He found a black man from Congo, Jean-Claude, who spoke his language as well as a few white people from different nations who invited him to stay.  He quickly learned they were from a ship an hour away called Mercy Ship.
Jean-Claude (wearing the cap) began teaching.  Luke heard him speak about God's way of farming and how God's way produces more from the land.  Luke had learned to grow things out of necessity and had never heard these principles.  He had learned to burn the field, plow deeply, and plant hoping for growth in the dry ground. But, Luke soon learned how God had already put nutrients into the land and how to nurture the land.  He also began to learn about a loving God that provides for even those who do not know Him.
One day in May, with a growing trust in these people who were telling him about a loving God, he told the team his story.  They encouraged him to find his father and to forgive him.  Luke searched out his father and when he told his father that he forgave him, his father broke down and wept!  He asked Luke to forgive him.  Luke returned exuberant!  He proclaimed to the team that their God was stronger than his voodoo gods!  He wanted to learn more about this God.  For the next few months, they discipled Luke in the Truth. ("They took him aside and explained to him the ways of God more accurately"- Acts 18:26)  Luke accepted Jesus and began to tell others.  This past week, Luke's father invited him back to his village.  When Luke arrived, his father had killed the proverbial 'fatted calf' and threw a huge party in his honor.... inviting the entire village!  His father announced to the village that this was his son and confessed what he had done to him was wrong and that no one should do the same in their families.  He also professed that Luke's God WAS stronger than the voodoo gods that they were worshipping.
Luke returned a completely changed man as the Lord had answered his prayers for reconciliation with his father and his people.

Luke is now completing his training with Jean-Claude to be one of the trainers himself. There are 20 local men scheduled to come next month to be trained at this Agricultural Training School who will live in a dormitory we are helping to build.   Luke has committed to train these men and to continue to train others when the ship leaves. He is excited to teach God's principles for agriculture.  He will also continue to tell others about God's way to reconciliation. This is truly a life that was changed!
"If indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him (as the truth is in Jesus), then put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man...and be renewed in the attitude of your mind and you put on the new man which was created according to God in true righteousness and holiness. Therefore...let each one of you speak truth with his neighbor." Eph.4:21-25

May God be praised!
In Him,
Glenn and Kim