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 Being a new ship, with such a short time for set up, it will come with "kinks" that will need to be worked out.  His job will be to look for, anticipate and problem solve with the teams there to avoid possible problems for the new visiting surgeons of all varieties coming soon.  We are really excited to see this new ship in service for the Lord in Liberia.  As we have told you, the need there is so great! The ship will be offering eye, facial tumor, orthopedic, and cleft palate surgeries.
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 Well, Glenn is off again!  He is heading back to Liberia to do the first official surgery on our new ship the Africa Mercy!  The surgery will be a cataract surgery on Monday, June 25th.  He will continue eye surgeries for the rest of the week.  His other main purpose is to properly get the hospital up and running before the other surgeries start in July but there will also be news coverage.   The story of these first surgeries is scheduled to be released July 2 by CNN and the BBC.

Patrick Butler
A lot is riding on the success of Mercy Ships of Garden Valley as they begin surgery in Liberia on Monday. The organization should be the pride and joy of Smith County and of Tyler, in particular. And it should be the focus of much of its prayers, regardless of one's religious affiliation.

There has rarely been such a massive effort by a faith-based nonprofit to minister to the world's millions of impoverished citizens as with Mercy Ships. The have been in East Texas since 1989, quietly performing medical miracles for those with no medical recourse.

A native Texan, Don Stephens, founded the charity that serves all regardless of race, color, creed or national origin. Stephens left Texas to travel the world for years, but he got back here as quickly as he could. He told me recently, "Smith County is where Mercy Ships got its real start."

Texas' native son is joined by Dr. Glenn Strauss of Tyler and formerly of Heaton Eye Associates. Strauss joined Mercy Ships as director of International Health Care just five days before the tsunami devastated much of Southeast Asia in late 2004.

Strauss hung on in the face of a tidal wave of challenges that would have devoured a lesser man and is now a tough veteran in the battle to keep serving. Today he is vice president of international health and programs, directing all of Mercy Ship's programs, everywhere. That's quite a leap for a guy doing eye surgeries just two years ago, which he still does. He and his wife, Kim, are members of Grace Community Church.

Strauss flew to Africa Saturday and will perform the first surgery on board the $62-million hospital ship Africa Mercy. will publish photos of the "before and after" of the surgery as they are sent to the paper.

Why is the Tyler Paper paying so much attention to a simple surgery so far away? Because Mercy full article here
Pray For Us
kimGlenn will be there for only one week.  He is returning to the US on July 5th.  This will mean traveling on 4th of July.  Please pray for safety.  Kim will not be going this trip but will stay and help with our newest grandbaby Noah who is waiting for probable kidney surgery in July.  He is really doing great and we ask you to join us in praying that the doctor's will find no need to do the surgery ( we are told there is a very small chance this is possible).  Thank you all for praying for this sweet boy. For those who have asked, Kim's health is doing very well.  She is still waiting for her esophagus to fully heal, but expects this to take at least another month.

Our gratefulness and love to you all,

Glenn and Kim Strauss