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Glenn and Kim

Kim and Glenn

Togo, Africa!

"Are You Jesus?"

Dear All,

This letter has been long in coming.  I started to write it over a month ago, but was exposed to a strange African virus that was passed on to me from a fellow team mate.  It left me unable to work or read due to a dizziness that was exacerbated by moving my eyes.  I am in recovery now, but can only work part-time.  But, I don't want you to miss out on what all God has been doing here aboard our ship!  So.... Here are two stories.

Abe's Legs

Abe.  This boy walked into our screening with his father who had great hopes that we could help his son.  Due to vitamin deficiencies, Abe's legs began to fold backwards, like a flamingo's.  He had difficulty walking, but could get around.  Abe didn't want to just walk better, he wanted to play 'football' (our soccer)!!  Our orthopedic team accepted Abe and he soon had his surgery.  He was so hopeful (but unaware of the hard work ahead of him.)  Our orthopedic surgical teams come early in the outreach because of the long rehabs the children must endure afterwards!  After the surgery, a team of physical therapists work with the children as outpatients.  We have very limited space in the hospital  soooooo, our Hospital Administrator, Bill Martin came up with an outrageous idea of converting a place off ship into a Hospitality Center that could house these patients and feed them until they were discharged!!  It has worked beautifully!!  It's amazing to see our staff carry patients like Abe in their arms, up the gangway and down 2 flights to the hospital all the while watching not to knock their casts into a wall as they stick out straight ahead!  Abe was very proud of his casts, but had the heart of an artist and would show off his crayon art to anyone that came near his bed!

I wish I had a picture of him now as he runs with that big Abe grin on his face and his legs straight and gorgeous and cast-free! After months of physio it is a pleasure to watch him run, jump, and kick!  God has blessed Abe and his family by answering their hope and prayers, Abe will be missed.

But... Just as Jesus didn't heal everyone while He was on the earth, we have to come to grips with the fact that He doesn't heal everyone here. 

But, we wish He did.

Now my second story.

One small 5 year old stood in line with the 500, waiting to get into our mobile eye clinic that was being held in a large Catholic Church.

The little girl remained nameless as her mother pressed her forward with the line.  She was completely blind, her little eyes scarred from disease. 

Our translator, a local pastor, stood calling the children to be lined up.  We always see the children first and this little girl was now at the front of the line.  As she stood quietly in front of the pastor and listened, she looked up toward his voice.

When he stopped speaking, she said, "Are you Jesus?  Can you help me?"

The pastor choked as he looked into her white eyes that no longer had color to them and realized he would be the one to pray with her after they told her that there was no hope from us.

With tears, he told the child that only Jesus can help...and he wasn't Jesus. 

We pray that that little girl's faith will bring her the healing and the hope she longs for.  She was sent home (and we never learned her name.) Pray for her.  Pray for our field team as they experience this daily.  Pray that even though we cannot help them see physically, that they will come to see spiritually. These are the faces that haunt us, but also bring us to our knees.


"For it is not of him who wills, not of him who runs, but of God, who shows mercy" Rom. 9:16


By God's strength,

Kim and Glenn