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Dear Friends and Family,

            We wanted to write and encourage you to watch a documentary being aired May 13th on PBS.  (7pm in our area, but you can look to see when it is in your own area).  This documentary is called "A Walk to Beautiful".  This program will follow several women in Ethiopia who have an obstetric fistula.  A fistula is a child birth injury.  This doesn't sound very interesting but we  encourage watching this program because you can see what the women that we serve on the Mercy Ship have had to deal with and why are hearts go out to  them.  Beware: it is not a program for children. One of our doctors worked at the very hospital shown in the program and told us one story of a group of women he personally served.   Almost all of the women became Christians simply in response to the love of God that was shown to them and spoken in the gospel.  Most of our fistula patients on the Mercy Ship accept the Lord also.  Please watch and feel free to write to us and ask any questions you may have.  

            Glenn and I are returning to Liberia in 3 weeks.  We have had a full and eventful calendar since returning home and it looks like it will stay full until we leave.  These past few weeks, Glenn and I made some obviously God ordained connections in Seattle with the American Telemedicine Association (a clip of a TV interview he did can be found at http://homecareinformation.net/collateral/ATAinterviews.htm ), a major eye surgery meeting in Chicago, and a major development meeting at Yale where Glenn presented the Mercy Ship health model he has been working on.  Last week at a meeting of an international medical company, Glenn also had a group of 200 employees cheering (alternating with crying), as he told stories of how God had touched the lives of individuals in Liberia.   These stories where taped and will be presented at this companies facilities around the world.  It's amazing how God can use us in places we would never expect!  

            Our time at home has been too short, but God has been using it to teach us to continue our focus on Him.  Remember to watch "A Walk to Beautiful" to see a part of what you have been supporting.  Thank you all so much for your prayers and support that have made it possible for us to serve.  We will be in touch when we are back in Africa again.  Please pray for our safety, health, and wisdom.

By His Grace, 

Glenn and Kim