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Did You Know?
Did you know
Benin has 4 major religions equally divided?
This includes:
Voodoo, Catholic (Christain), Muslim and Orisha

All profess to have one God (or Supreme Being).
All pray to "God".

(gets confusing!)


The Lord has risen!  He has risen indeed!
Luke 18:16

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."
Glenn and I want to wish you all a Happy Easter! 

Our Easter has started off with an amazing story of a family of 5.  Mom, Dad and 3 kids ages 1, 3 and 7.  All three kids came in Tuesday.  All came completely blind from cataracts.  We were amazed! Three blind kids!!  The mom and dad had lost hope when the 3rd one, little Ricardo was born last year and they discovered he was also born blind. The Mom just kept saying "What are we going to do?", "How am I going to take care of them?"  She said she grieved mightily!  Yet...these were some of the happiest kids we have encountered.  When Glenn told them that he would do all 6 eyes on the same day, they were cautiously hopeful and fearfully joyous.

  On Wednesday, they arrived and graciously allowed us to film their children.  Alexis, the 7 year old boy is a typical 7 year old boy who loves cars!  We could not speak his language, but we had a universal "vroom vroom" that he happily participated in!  Hadege, the 3 year old girl, was typical also.  She loved "babies" and would constantly repeat "ca va" (French for 'okay'-as well as in her own language). She would get us to playfully say it over and over and over as she giggled and repeated it back enthusiastically to us!  Ricardo, the one year boy just loved his mommy.  But none could see.

On Thursday, I prepared their eyes (and momma's heart) for surgery.  It was a rough day for them as nurses and doctors --- and yours truly, poked them, stuck them, forced medicine down their little mouths, starved them and "someone" kept dropping stinging liquids into their little unsuspecting eyes!  Glenn took them one by one and prayerfully took out each set of cataracts. These poor babies woke up with tape all over their faces that kept eye patches on...and both hands wrapped to keep them from removing them. 

Mom had a hard night.  And we prayed.

In the morning, a crowd gathered as we began to unveil their eyes.  The girl went first.  She looked all around, but wasn't sure WHAT she was seeing...but she was seeing!!  Her momma was so proud!  It took Hadege about 45 minutes before she began realizing what she was seeing and then suddenly she caught on and began stealing toys from her brother!!  Ha! What a joy!

Brother went next.  He has not seen for the longest.  We were not sure how well he would do since his eyes had not been in use for so long.  At first he continued his "blind ways", feeling his way around, so we were not sure how much he could see.  Then we got him to walk around the room.  He walked right up to Glenn and began chatting away!!  Everyone burst out laughing (mostly because he was SO excited and we had NO idea what he was saying!) But, we knew he could see, too!

I had the privilege (and daunting task) of unpatching the baby, Ricardo.  They had also taped over his ear...so he screamed!!  I took it very slowly, but soon the patches were off and I whisked him over to mommy.  We watched quietly as she nursed him to calm him.  Soon, we saw him peek with one eye and his little hand quickly reached up and grabbed just what he had spied...a bright colorful spot on mommy's dress!

THEY COULD ALL SEE!  God had brought sight back to this little family who thought they were doomed to darkness. What a great Easter surprise for papa who is waiting to receive them back home today!  All we can add is HALLELUJAH!
May you also experience the joy of Easter this year!
Glenn and Kim
Hadege and Alexis modeling their new specs!

Ricardo and Mommy after an exhausting morning!

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