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Football Star Kelly Helps Promote Mercy Ships
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University of Oklahoma football standout Malcolm Kelly admitted Tuesday he hasn't yet caught a professional pass, played in an NFL game or taken a practice snap. But that didn't stop the Longview native, due to enter the NFL draft this spring, from endorsing Mercy Ships of Garden Valley.

Or national-level leaders from lauding his decision.

"In two months, Lord willing, I'll be in the NFL," said Kelly in a press conference, Web cast from Washington D.C.

"I promised myself when this day came, I'd focus on people who needed help the most. I'm dedicating myself today to the (Mercy Ships') mission of bringing hope and healing to the world's forgotten poor."

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Glenn and Kim

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To all who support and pray,


We are in our last week here before returning home.  Glenn expects to do 100+ eyes this week !  He and the other ophthalmologist set the record yesterday doing 34 eyes!  "And the blind shall see...!" Here is one sweet patient who's name I loved : Godgive.


And here is Glenn in the OR!  This past week was amazing as we went through an entire week with events to celebrate Easter.  Glenn played both Good Friday service and Easter.  It is very special to all aboard to be on the dock, watching other ships slowly coming into port and rejoicing by saying "He is risen!  He is risen indeed!" Our celebrating continued with a most impressive banquet, complete with a 3-D cake shaped like a lamb!


Glenn and I were asked to do a Marriage Seminar for 25 pastors in Kakata an hour away.  We've never done this and we didn't know what to expect.  Here were some of their questions they wanted us to answer:   

1. Who is responsible for bareness?

2. Who makes up the family and who do you love first?

3.  Should your married children live with you? (very common)

4.  How do we deal with polygamy in the church?

5.  Which marriages are legitimate among Christians? Traditional or church?


These are only a few issues that are interpreted by their cultural beliefs.  Although we were over our heads, we found that the basic Biblical principles on marriage answered them well.  We were asked to do another one when we return. Because the cultural issues and beliefs are so strong, there is a lot of confusion even among pastors about marriage. Here is a picture of the pastors and a picture of the children who waited all day outside!  (notice the boy with the kite which he made from a scrap of black trash bag!  It flew well! He was very proud of it!)

 One of the projects here is showing the Jesus film.  They take the equipment into the bush and announce they are going to show a movie.  Each time, 100 show up out of nowhere!  Each time the movie shows Jesus performing a miracle, the audience of primarily Muslims, all gasp out loud!  Then, when they get to the place where they are hammering nails into his wrists, they let out screams (and some almost faint).  The film is stopped there and the pastor who runs it, an amputee from their war, comes out to explain that Jesus did this for them.  Then the movie continues.  At the end, he explains the good news for all men.  After 3 months now, 3,000 have stood to accept what Jesus did for them and professed a desire to follow Him! It really stuns all that go out with them.  Pray as some of these are willing to establish a church in their area.  Pray that each one will come to have a relationship with our Lord and truly follow Him. Rom.4:5 says, "But to him who does not work, but believes on Him ( Jesus) who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness"  Amen.

 As Christians, we have heard these stories so often that we have become callus or simply forget the gasp-worthy power that Jesus displayed and the felt sorrow of His crucifixion. Glenn and I are grateful for the reminder in our own lives.

 We do ask for prayer for the next leg of our journey.  We will be home a few days, then travel to Seattle, where Glenn will be speaking about Telemedicine opportunities in West Africa.  We then fly to Chicago for our annual eye meeting and interfacing with other ophthalmologists from around the world to talk about our new eye surgery fellowship program.  We leave Chicago and go to Tennesee, where we will meet with the Medical and Dental society about a plan Glenn has been working on with the University of Liberia for rebuilding their medical school. Then on to Conneticut, where Glenn will be speaking at Yale University about the Mercy Ships model for eye work in West Africa.  Please pray for travel to run smoothly and that God will make the necessary connections.

 God continues His work here is Liberia.  And God is continuing His work with you.  "For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their prayers." ( I Peter 3:12) Thank you all for praying as we continue in Him. 

 By His Grace,

Glenn and Kim

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