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Glenn and Kim will be in the air again soon as they head home, rest for a minute and fly off again.  Check their prayer calendar often to pray for their travel and the ministry along the way.  Click here to see the current calendar!

Glenn and Kim

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Africa Mercy shortlisted for prestigious shipping industry award

Garden Valley TX, March 4, 2008 -- The world's largest charity hospital ship has been nominated for 'Ship of the Year' at this year's prestigious Lloyds List awards in the UK.

The MV Africa Mercy - currently providing free surgeries and healthcare to the people of Liberia - left the UK last May last year on its inaugural sail to serve the poor of Africa, following an extensive conversion from a Danish rail ferry into a state-of-the-art hospital ship. 

The purpose built Africa Mercy is staffed by volunteer crew and is run by the international charity Mercy Ships, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.  The vessel's conversion from a rail ferry into a pioneering hospital ship, with six operating theatres and a 78-bed ward, has allowed the charity to double its capacity in Africa.

Taking place at The Natural History Museum in London England on April 2nd, the UK Lloyds List awards celebrate excellence within the shipping industry, with a special focus on performance and innovation.  The Africa Mercy is one of five finalists in the 'Ship of the Year' category.

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News from the Africa Mercy

To our family, church and friends,

We have gone through a difficult two weeks- 3 patients died.  This is of course is very unusual but these patients where in very late stages of diseases for which we had no effective treatment.  One was an eye patient success story from last year who developed medical conditions that could not be treated.  One had a type of cancer seen often in children in Africa and one had a serious infection around the eye that went to the brain. We could only show them compassion and help them to die with dignity.

It is also unusual that we are doing 100 patients a week.  We thank God for having 2 operating rooms and now extra staff available to do this increase.  Many more are served!  But, this also means a higher incidence of patients with multiple problems like those who died.

I am also writing to tell you some of the joy we have known in watching people come to follow Jesus.  Several people at the field eye clinics have been turned down for surgeries they were hoping for. We have to tell them that they will be blind for the rest of their lives.  We have a councilor named Israel who prays and talks with them. In the last 2 weeks, several people heard him tell of the Loving Father, who offers a free gift to them -- freedom and a relationship with Him.  They chose to believe that Jesus, His Son, has made Himself the sacrifice that made this possible.  This is why Mercy Ships has come.  To offer not only a chance for physical healing, but a chance for real hope for their future --- their eternal future!  8 people dedicate their lives to following Jesus.

          Another story occurred in the hospital wards of the ship.  The VVF women stay for 2 weeks and most are Muslim lately.  But, because they are outcast and unloved, they come with openness like no other.   We must always SHOW these women love first before we begin to share what God has done for them.  When they hear the message of a loving God and that Isa Al Masih made it possible for all people who follow Him to live forever with Him - even those who are outcast and rejected here on earth, 99% of them accept and believe.  They are heard daily singing praises to Jesus as they walk the halls of the ship and wait for their day of healing.  We have also had 2 Maxillo-Facial patients last week come to the Lord. Our nurses and translators have prayed and shared with them.   Some of our staff "adopt" these patients, visiting them on a regular basis and sharing their faith stories with them. Many are already Christians in Liberia but they are very encouraged and encourage us!

        I want to tell you another story we heard (some of the details may be a little off but the basic story is correct) of a high official from Ghana (also a Muslim) who visited our ship.  He visited several times and said he always sensed a peace and unity aboard.  He took our Executive Director and Founder to dinner and directly asked what it was he was seeing.  They told him what our people believed.  He then told them how he had been having a dream. In the dream, was Isa Al Masih (Jesus) and He was above the water.  In one hand He offered water from the sea.  The man drank and said it was 'sweet water', then Jesus offered water from His left hand. This time it tasted like milk.  The man knew that Isa Al Masih was offering him something better than what he had.  He then turned to our Founder and said " I think your Jesus wants you to tell me more."  The founder, Don, was befuddled for a moment and then his own son came to mind.  So he told the man of his autistic son who has made a huge impact on his life and ministry.  The man said, "In our village, they would have just let that boy die".  This man left with a new understanding of God as a loving Father and Isa Al Masih as the way to total forgiveness for eternity.  Praise to God our Father who alone is wise.

        We never know how or where God is working.  It is a great reminder to all of us that people are aware of how we are living our lives.  It also reminds us that we are unaware of what God has already been doing in peoples' lives when they are placed into ours.

       In Isaiah 45:22-24 it says "A just God and a Savior, there is none besides Me. Look to Me and be saved all you ends of the earth!  For I am God, and there is no other! I have sworn by Myself.  This Word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness and shall not return, that to Me every knee shall bow, every tongue confess. He shall say, 'Surely in the Lord I have righteousness and strength.  To Him men shall come." Amen!

       After a hard week, we turned to look for blessings and God placed a Blessing in my life.  Blessing is a 3 year old that was admitted to the ship.  We bonded immediately (even though she was not an eye patient and I just happened to be there while she was admitted).  We played, colored and hugged.  I got to know her mother, Agnes, who is interested to going to church with us next Sunday.  Pray that God will touch her heart and she will sense a place of hope and joy that she will want in her own life.  Missing my own grandchildren, this warmed this grandmother's heart.  I have included a picture of Blessing.

      "Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way.  The Lord be with you all"

 Glenn and Kim