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President Bush Visits Liberia
President Bush
Recently President Bush visited the country of Liberia to speak about boosting their economy.  He was the first president to visit since Roosevelt. 
Click here to see some video footage of his time in Africa.
It is quite a sight to see the President of the United States
dancing with the Liberians! 
We are now on the Africa Mercy!!

Dear friends and supporters,

We are now on the Africa Mercy!!  We left South Africa and had to be routed through England before flying to Liberia.  Our National Director in the UK put us up at her house for 4 days and made use of us being there by setting up various meetings for Glenn and I.  The first was with noted professors at Cambridge University.  They were interested in possibly partnering with MS on projects for sustainable development.  Glenn really enjoyed talking to everyone there.

 Glenn was asked to talk with the CEO of a foundation who was interested in Glenn's project to train ophthalmologists on board the Africa Mercy in the techniques he has learned that work best for cataracts in a third world setting.  We just heard that this man was very impressed and wants to not only come and watch Glenn operate in Oct. 2008...but has committed to donate 250,000 pounds to the project each year for the next 3 years!!!!!!! ( that's $500,000 in USD per year!!)  Whoohoo!  Sometimes God has to reroute us to accomplish His purposes!  That is our God!

Our trip from England to Liberia was very easy (compared to the usual 36 hours of travel from the US) and we hit the ground running by participating in the Screening Day the morning after we arrived. Screening Day is always a big day, but this one was unusually big!  We were not sure what to expect since we have now been to Liberia 4 times and have had many screenings.  But 2,000 + people still came (with their families!)  It was a very hot day and we worked in their new football stadium (soccer to us). We began to see that maybe our previous visits were making a difference.  Though the need is still great, the urgency and seriousness of the problems seemed to be a little less.  Yes, there were still over 500 blind people we saw in one day, but not as many completely blind. Yes, there were people with face and neck tumors, but they were not as huge as before.  Our orthopedics, which just began last year still saw desperate cases of children and adults with feet turned completely around, yet they had learned to walk!  It was sad to see those crawling out of wheelchairs on their elbows because of legs bending the opposite way.  Our VVF women will have a separate screening as their cases are more sensitive and subjecting them to being in a crowd all day just doesn't communicate the compassion we want them to experience.


 Our first week on board was a big one!  After Screening Day, came the day we spit-polished the ship to greet the President of Liberia, herself!! She is a strong Christian who told us to continue to share about Jesus with her people. What a great woman to lead this war torn country!  Then, on Wednesday, we had our first day of work and we saw 75 very happy Liberian patients who thought we wouldn't return to Liberia for 3 years! (as pictured above)  Thursday, our own President Bush was in town being greeted by a country who LOVES him!  He seems committed to helping Liberia, particularly with educational needs since no schools were open during 15 years of war.  Mercy Ships founder, Don Stephens and his wife attended the Bush reception.  Glenn stayed on the ship and did the first surgeries for this outreach. 

 Crime has risen here recently.  Our Liberian representative was attacked in his home and the same night, the doctor that Glenn trains was attacked in the same way (by machete).  One of our own crew members was attacked while taking her garbage to the dock this week.  Needless to say, we are all being very careful now.  Please pray for safety for all our workers.  Although the war is over and many improvements have come, there still are problems here as unemployment and lack of resources creates more desperation. 

 In II Tim.1:7 it says: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

 God has brought Mercy Ships and the Liberian President to bring light and hope into the darkness here.  Please pray for this president and for us as we continue to serve this nation. There is much more the Lord wants to do.


In His grace,

Glenn and Kim