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Glenn and Kim

Kim and Glenn

On Our Way Back!
To our dear friends and supporters-

It was an amazing couple of months at home.  My (Glenn's) dad passed away and Kim and I were able to be there for my sister and mother.  It was a great time to remember how my dad modeled the belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, not some book of nice moral stories.  It was truly the foundation that shaped our future. 
It is interesting how someone's choice of authoritative books has such an impact on life. I saw this first hand as I was privileged to be invited to the visit the Gaza strip just a few weeks ago.   About 1.4 million Palestinian people are living under siege in very difficult conditions.  They live with the conviction that God (Allah) will provide for them and that He has a destiny for their lives as revealed in the Koran.  They have amazing courage but  it is interesting how they cannot seem to agree on even the basics of how to make their faith work socially and politically.  Obviously, Christians often disagree with each other as well, but is it perhaps the power of the Spirit of God Himself working through the Bible like a living sword that keeps us on track? I offered to return to assist the Hammas leaders with developing the ophthalmology program.  I guess we will just wait and see if God gives another opportunity.
For those of you who are keeping up with their geography lessons- Kim and I are now on our way to Nairobi, Kenya where I was invited to teach at the Christian Medical Association conference.  We are there from Feb. 7 - 15 and may even get to try out a real safari!  Then we make our way to East London, South Africa for a week of continued efforts to assist the South African ministry of health with the development of a low cost, high quality eye program for the poor.  This year we are praying for the launch of this program and this trip is intended to set the stage.
Finally we make our way to Lome, Togo where we will be until the first of July.  We have our first cataract fellow from Africa (last year our fellows were full time missionaries).  In fact he is from the country of Togo and we are praying this will produce lasting fruit for the Lord in Togo.  I have been asked to take a new position as Director of Medical Education for Mercy Ships and we are working through the details of how to add this job to my current role.  
Elections in Togo are coming up quickly after we arrive and we are praying that this will not disrupt our efforts to help the poor.  Please pray for our safety and for wisdom as we travel and for our family who lovingly send us on our way each time we leave. 

Glenn and Kim

Here are some pictures from my trip to the Gaza strip: