Strauss Ministry

Welcome to our web site!  Kim and I pray that you will find it encouraging and informative. This site is primarily intended to provide materials for teachers and trainers working internationally.  Many have found the bible study materials and classical guitar recordings to be useful for personal reflection as well.  But regardless of what brings you in for a visit, our goals is that Christ Jesus will be honored through our lives.

Our main emphasis is surgical eye training. Its amazing what doors this has opened, I suppose because of the overwhelming need.  Every year almost one million people go blind. Most live in developing nations where the message of a loving God is desperately  needed.  We are priviledged to be involved with so many who are passionate about delivering this message in such practical ways.


2011 has new challenges!

We have been honored with a wonderful opportunity to join the team at Help Me See to develop training centers for cataract surgery around the world.  For this year, my task is to write the source documents that will be used by experts in simulation technology and courseware technology to develop the Help Me See training model.  Our goal is to develop a new generation of cataract surgeons who can reach the poor with low cost, high quality surgical correction of their blindness. 

May the Lord bless you in your service to others. Please contact us with any question you may have.

Click below to view an exciting video about our medical mission!